国际学生 are welcome to apply to the Kenmore and San Diego campuses.

国际学生必须注册为全日制学位申请者. 才有资格进入云顶集团, 所有国际学生申请人必须提交:

  • 一个应用程序
  • 申请费
  • 推荐信(如有需要)
  • 充足资金的证明文件
  • 你的成绩单的官方评估, 直接从国外证书评估服务发送
  • 当前的照片
  • 护照复印件

f - 1学生签证

A non-immigrant student and his/her spouse/children may be admitted into the United States in the F-1 classification during their course of full time study. 这并不包括那些拥有双重国籍的申请人, 是合法永久居民(或已收到美国的确认.S. Custom and Immigration Service [USCIS] of an adjustment of status to Lawful Permanent Resident), 是否有有效的商务签证, or, 如果根据血液百分比, 50%或更多的是北美印第安人. 然而,巴斯提尔大学需要官方的身份证明文件. 

学生 with current F-1 visas transferring to 云顶集团 must forward a copy of their current I-20.


All applicants for whom English is a second language must present evidence of proficiency in the English language in one of the following ways:

  • Official TOEFL exam results on the internet based test (iBT) with a score of 92, 口语成绩不低于26分, 阅读考试成绩不低于20分, a minimum writing exam score of 24 and minimum listening exam score of 22; or IELTS exam score of level 6 (or 6.5 for AEAM applicants); or PTE 学术 -Pearson exam results with a minimum speaking exam score of 71, 阅读考试最低成绩53分, a minimum writing exam score of 62 and a minimum listening exam score of 59.
  • Two quarters or semesters of enrollment in liberal arts courses taught in English, totaling at least 15 quarter credits (10 semester credits) of college transferrable credits (not including vocational coursework or English as a second language courses), 在经认证的美国大学完成学业.S. 或加拿大学校,GPA 3.0分或以上(单门课程不低于C或1分).7对4.00规模). Please note that the 招生 committee reserves the right to request further English proficiency documentation or the TOEFL results if desired.
  • AEAM applicants must have completed a two-year (60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits) baccalaureate-level education in an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of 教育 or from an equivalent English language institution in another country. In order to demonstrate English language proficiency, AEAM applicants must score at level 6.雅思成绩高5分.


International students must provide complete and accurate documentation of sufficient funds in order to qualify for a student visa. The total of these funds must cover the cost of the first year of school, books and living expenses. Official bank statements as proof of liquid assets are required to document sufficient funds. A signed letter of support is required if the bank statement/account proving to required funds is not in your name.

The amount required to cover expenses for the first year is dependent upon the program of study and listed below. 如果你有家属申请F-2签证, the cost of living expenses for the spouse and/or children must be provided. 每人标准9个月生活费, 由华盛顿州高等教育协调委员会批准. 不包括配偶和/或子女的生活费. 配偶的额外生活费是8424美元. 一个孩子的额外生活费用是6048美元. 要计算你需要记录的资金数额, add the total cost of your program and the additional cost of living for each spouse/child.

Federal laws require that international students maintain adequate health insurance while attending 云顶集团. All admitted F-1 students will be required to purchase coverage through 云顶集团 or submit a waiver form providing documentation of comparable insurance coverage valid in the United States for the duration of study.



学位课程 学费 & 费用 生活费用 健康保险 总计
自然疗法医学博士 $37,690 $3,775 $26,100 $1,728 $69,293
针灸硕士  $28,602 $3,300 $26,100 $1,728 $59,730
中医针灸硕士 $28,602 $3,300 $26,100 $1,728 $59,730
咨询心理学硕士 $32,100 $2,475 $26,100 $1,728 $62,403
助产学理学硕士 $27,938 $2,125 $26,100 $1,728 $57,891
营养学理学硕士 $27,938 $2,250 $26,100 $1,728 $58,016
营养学科学硕士与营养学教学项目 $27,938 $2,300 $26,100 $1,728 $58,066
公共卫生硕士 $23,613 $1,725 $26,100 $1,728 $53,166
理学学士学位  人类生物学综合 $27,570 $2,250 $26,100 $1,728 $57,648
草药科学学士学位 $27,570 $2,250 $26,100 $1,728 $57,648
健康心理学理学学士学位 $27,570 $2,250 $26,100 $1,728 $57,648
营养学理学学士学位 $27,570 $2,250 $26,100 $1,728 $57,648


Official transcripts and diplomas from any college or university outside of the United States must be translated and evaluated, course-by-course, 由一个独立的评估服务. 该服务将发布一份报告,将外国学术证书等同于美国.S. 学位,成绩,学分和GPA. The service will forward the report to 云顶集团 at the applicant's request. There is a charge for this evaluation, which varies depending on which evaluation service is used.
The evaluation report must be issued by a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) accredited evaluation service. 请访问NACES网站 www.南汽.org 查看认可会员名单. Below is a list of NACES accredited services that are commonly used by students.
For international students applying to the MSN-DPD program or the Dietetic Internship, the services of a foreign degree evaluation agency will be required to validate your academic degree as equivalent to the bachelor's or master's degree conferred by a U.S. 地区认可的学院或大学. The summary section of the evaluation report MUST state "From a regionally accredited institution.“有关提供这项服务的推荐机构名单,请参阅: http://www.eatrightpro.org/acend/students-and-advancing-education/information-for-students/foreign-degree-evaluation-agencies

国际服务基金会有限公司. (FIS)
(425) 248-2255传真:(425)248-2262
电子邮件: info@FIS-web.com
密尔沃基,53203 - 3470
电子邮件: eval@ece.org
世界教育服务公司. (韦斯)
邮政信箱5087 -保龄格林站
纽约,NY 10274-5087
电子邮件: info@韦斯.org


国际学生不符合申请美国大学的资格.S. federal or state-funded student aid programs but may obtain private loans with a U.S. 作为共同签字人的公民或居民. Canadian students also have access to the Canadian federal student loan program and most provincial loans.

Documentation of sufficient funding is required for F-1 students because off-campus employment is prohibited by the USCIS during the first year of study. International students are limited to no more than 20 hours a week of on-campus employment while school is in session and may work full-time during vacation periods, as long as they have maintained status and intend to register for the following term.

云顶集团 has a very limited amount of international student employment money available and should not be considered a significant source of income.

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