The Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations

自1988年以来, the Simkin Center has helped more than 10,000名学生实现了他们的教育目标,并继续成为他们专业领域的领导者. 西姆金中心自豪地支持巴斯泰尔大学对多样性的学术承诺, equity and inclusion, 云顶集团app下载致力于提供一个没有种族主义和压迫的学习环境.

西姆金中心致力于提供一个没有制度化的种族主义和压迫的学习环境, 并致力于保健和种族平等以及支持孕产妇的文化意识, infant and family health. 

登记 Policies

你可能 网上注册 or over the phone at 425-602-3378 or 通过邮件. 全额支付美元.S. dollars must accompany your registration. Please make checks payable to "The Simkin Center" or "巴斯蒂尔 University."

在开课前30天内提出的取消申请将不获退款. 申请退款或转场的截止日期为报名工作坊开始前30个日历日. We must receive your request via email.  所有取消、转账或退款都要收取100美元的手续费. Only one transfer per calendar year is permitted. Returned checks will be assessed a $28 fee. No refunds are made for any missed portions of a course, and student will not receive a certificate of completion. 你可以补上错过的部分课程,但每天需要额外支付75美元的费用. Contact us to explore that option. 报名人数不足者,西姆金中心保留取消课程之权利, in which case a full refund will be granted. 你可能 initiate dropping a course through Canvas Catalog, however please note policies regarding cancellations, transfers and refunds. 如果您对云顶集团app下载的注册政策有任何疑问,请云顶集团app下载 simkincenter@巴斯蒂尔.edu 或致电 425-602-3378

Certificates of Completion: In order to receive your certificate of completion, 您必须参加所有研讨会(现场或虚拟),并在研讨会结束前完成所有在线学习模块. A duplicate digital copy of a certificate of completion can be provided. 您需要打电话到云顶集团app下载的办公室申请一份证书副本. 请致电 425-602-3378.


Once the online modules are open and students are given access, 任何在课程开始前30天取消的课程都可以获得50%的退款.
Once the online modules are open and students are given access, 任何在开课前30天内取消的课程将不获退款.

你可能 initiate dropping a course through Canvas Catalog, however there are specific policies regarding cancellations, transfers and refunds specific to Childbirth Educator Training.  如果您对云顶集团app下载的注册政策有任何疑问,请云顶集团app下载 simkincenter@巴斯蒂尔.edu 或致电 425-602-3378.


Once the modules are open and students are given access, 任何在课程开始前30天提出的转学请求都有资格转学,并收取325美元的费用(100美元的手续费加上每缺课一天75美元)。.
Once the modules are open and students are given access, 任何在课程开始前30天内提出的转学请求都有资格获得转学资格, 加上425美元的费用(200美元的手续费加上每错过一天75美元).

如果您在报名前对下列优惠感兴趣,请与云顶集团app下载联络:您可以电邮至 simkincenter@巴斯蒂尔.edu 或致电 425-602-3378. 如果获得折扣,您将收到一个折扣代码,在注册期间使用.  折扣 may not be combined or used in conjunction with Simkin Center 领导 Fund awards.

  • Institutional 折扣: 同一组织的两名或以上员工同时注册,有资格获得每个注册人50美元的学费折扣.
  • 包的折扣: New registrations for any two or more Simkin Center 面对面 workshops receive 10% off each registration price. 付款 and registration must be made at the same time.
  • 巴斯蒂尔折扣: 巴斯蒂尔 University faculty, 工作人员, 学生和校友有资格获得西姆金中心课程20%的折扣. The discount is available on one course per year. Eligible faculty must be teaching one or more classes per academic year. 校友指的是巴斯泰尔大学学术项目的毕业生,巴斯泰尔大学学术项目的学生必须处于良好的地位.
  • Course Assistant Discount: Each workshop has a Course Assistant who arrives early, 加班到很晚,帮助完成基本的课堂或虚拟会议任务,以换取100美元的学费折扣.  This position is offered on first come, first served basis to anyone that is currently registered for the class.
  • PALS 助产师s Discount: PALS助产师的现任和支持成员有资格获得西姆金中心工作坊10%的折扣.
  • 军事的折扣: Active military members, 储备, and Veterans are eligible for a 20% discount off Simkin Center courses. The discount is available on one course per year. 

In the event of snowy or other inclement weather, visit Flashalert.网 to find out if the campus is closed.Up to the minute campus closure information is also available by phone, call the main line: 425-602-3000.  Be safe – if you don’t feel comfortable driving, don’t. 请注意:因大学停课而错过的上课日将会重新安排或在日后补上.  学生在大学开放期间缺课的日子可以在另一门课程上补课,费用为$75/天.  

与云顶集团app下载联络 simkincenter@巴斯蒂尔.edu 安排.

欢迎您携带0-4个月大的婴儿,只要您同时带一名护工.  We ask that your caregiver care for your baby outside of the classroom.  Nursing is always welcome in the classroom, and your baby can visit you during class for this purpose.  如果您带着您的孩子和护工,请提前告知云顶集团app下载.  If you are lactating we can accommodate your needs to nurse, pump or generally care for yourself in the very best way.

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Simkin Center 教师

西姆金中心的教师是世界一流的生育专家,他们为课堂带来了丰富的知识和经验. 他们在这里指导你实现你的出生职业目标,并帮助你在课堂之外茁壮成长. 云顶集团app下载的大多数培训都有嘉宾演讲,他们分享自己的专业领域,为云顶集团app下载的学习社区带来丰富的多样性和智慧. 云顶集团app下载感到自豪的是,云顶集团app下载的演讲嘉宾包括一组积极工作的生育专业人士,他们分享了他们的成功之路.

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